Day 10: Sound Asleep

By Joe Gadient

On day 10, we all woke up around the same time for a change and got on the water a little earlier than usual, because it was supposed to be a 23-kilometer day. 

It was a pretty easy day overall with only one rapid that had much size to it. 

After we ate lunch on a tiny rock island in the middle of a rapid, everyone laid down and napped for a bit.  Brad woke everyone up and had us all sneak off the rock and run the rapid while Steve was sound asleep. Brad then made his way back upstream to pick Steve up, who was only slightly mad, and we all took off. 

We all were a bit confused when we rounded the corner just after our lunch spot and saw the bridge that we were supposed to take out at on the next day.  We really had no choice but to camp right by the bridge with the sound of road construction that went through the better part of the night.